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Steel Spear Points

The steel spear points are all solid, they do not have a hole in the spear, cast iron spear points will have the hole to your choosing. Keep in mind steel spear points once welded will be much more strong then cast iron.

When we think of items like steel spear points, a variety of images may come to mind. One of them may be the traditional image of the analogous weapon they’re derived from. However, it’s important to realize that these days, steel spear points can be about a lot of things. Gone are the days when steel points were all about defending your village or your property from invasion. They are now mostly seen as an ornamental option that invoke images of regality, prestige, strength, and old-fashioned beauty when added to outdoor fences and garden gates.

However, it’s important to understand that they still do provide a significant deterrent to potential prowlers or burglars as well. Adding steel spear points to your perimeter fence may be the one small factor that makes a real difference in the safety of your property. They’re secure, they’re strong, and they’re reliable – everything you need your steel fence accessories to be. What a wonderful bonus to have something as part of your décor that can be as functional as it is beautiful!

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