Steel Handrails

The steel handrail, an effective alternative to wood, is offered in many different designs that are pressed into the handrail itself. The steel handrails can be used in either interior or exterior railings as well. We also have added new end components for the handrails. We are also able to custom make you a handrail out of thicker materials than what may be mentioned in this catalog. Hammered bars are sold in 20 Foot lengths and hammered tubing is sold in 12 foot lengths for customers who want to do projects to their exact requirements. The 20 foot lengths can also be cut down to 10 foot for convenient shipping. Twisted 20 foot bars are also available with varying degrees of twisting. All handrails, 20 foot bars and tubing are manufactured in-house. In addition, we have added collar material, which is available as either our pre-manufactured u-clips, or as a 20 foot length. This material is easy to bend for shipping as well.