Custom Ornamental Iron Works Stair Supplies

In the last 40 years Custom Ornamental Iron Works has opened locations in USA and Canada to efficiently supply customers our products anywhere in North America with a fast turn around time.

Our in-house production of over 95% of our products listed online makes us the leader in the wrought iron industry.

Customer Service Ph. 1-866-464-4766

USA Head Office
C.O. Iron Works Inc.
2625 East University Drive - Suite C
Phoenix, AZ 85034 USA

Ph. 602-275-2551  |  Fax. 602-275-2553
Canada Head Office
Custom Ornamental Iron Works Ltd.
12020 Vulcan Way
Richmond, BC V6V 1J8 CANADA
Ph. 604-273-6435   |  Fax. 604-273-7985






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Custom Ornamental Iron Works offers the best prices, selection and prices on the net. For any customer services questions contact us on our Toll Free Line: 1-866-464-4766

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